Lead Teacher's Message

Dear Saratoga Families!

Welcome to students, parents and all the members of the Saratoga Parent Partnership Family. The staff at Saratoga School considers it an honor to serve you. We recognize and value the decisions and sacrifices of the parents who choose to purposely involve themselves in the educational experiences of their children. The words "partnership" and "collaboration" are very descriptive for what we do. For us, these words define the foundation of what we are all about at Saratoga.

We are defined as a "Parent Partnership Program." A program that depends on intentional collaboration with parent partners. While we are pleased to provide curricular resources, class experience the joy of learning, the pride of their accomplishments and the delight that comes from intellectual stimulation, we share a mutual satisfaction with our parent partners. Working together collaboratively is what it's all about.

All the Best!

Monica McDaniel, Lead Teacher