About Us

Saratoga School Family Learning Center

Saratoga is a parent partnership program in the Stanwood-Camano School District with over 120 students enrolled in grades K-10. The major portion of student learning occurs outside of the classroom with the parent as a partner with Saratoga's teachers. Teachers and staff at Saratoga assist families in providing a quality well-rounded educational experience for their students.

Most students attend Saratoga classes one day each week where they have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and participate in a learning community. Classes are designed to be hands-on, engaging, and project-oriented. Enrichment classes at Saratoga include language arts, science and math. Students also have opportunities to use the computers and participate in field trips.

Saratoga students and their parents work closely with a certificated educational consultant to receive assistance in goal setting, curriculum development, materials selection, lesson planning, and assessment. Saratoga school is conveniently located by the high school on Church Creek Campus at 7600 272nd Street NW. The facility contains classrooms, family room, science lab, resource library, and office space.

Interested families can learn more by contacting Saratoga at 360-629-1372.